In our family (as in most I'm sure) truthfulness is highly valued, with an exception made for Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries.  Then you are given carte blanche to lie your head off.  That said . . .

He did it.  My husband pulled off a surprise party one week ago (New Year's Eve) on my 50th birthday.  In a relationship where we share about 95% of our lives with each other, that was quite an accomplishment. (Before you react to the 95%, yes we have a 100% commitment to each other - but we do have some things we don't share.) Making a smart move, he enlisted the help of some of my best friends to help with the logistics that night, but he did most of the inviting, ordering the cake (with an edible photo on top!), and arranging details - he was great. It was a great mix of my worlds.  In addition to family (including my father who lives 600 miles away), there were people from church (current and past), PTA, school, and work. Very kind words were spoken by many people, and I was humbled by their expressions of love. It was a memorable event.

I haven't given it much thought before, but I have the rare privilege of getting to start a new year of life with both my birthday and a new calendar year at the same time.  A fresh slate all the way around.  I'm looking forward to this year - I know it is going to be my best yet!

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