Santa is for the Birds

See the bird on the left?
Sometimes Santa doesn’t bring me anything now that I’m an adult. But sometimes he does. Sometimes it’s only stocking stuffers and maybe a CD. But this year he brought me STUFF. Not only did I get stocking stuffers, and a DVD – but I also received a bird feeder and seed. And as is usually the super cool thing about Santa, it’s the exact bird feeder and seed I would have chosen myself.

Back deck on Christmas night
We didn’t get it put up right away, since it snowed on Christmas Day (first time in 40 years here) and then the deck had eight inches of snow and the railing was covered up. Last weekend, after all the Christmas lights came down, my husband got it all put up for me and I filled it with the birdseed with great anticipation. I checked it each day, knowing it might take a while before the birds discovered it. Two days ago I saw that the feed level was down about two inches, yeah! The birds had found it! Today though, they have been saddling up like piglets to their mama. The bird feeder was half empty and there are birds of all kinds flying about.

My only regret is that I can’t see it from my office and computer. But then again, I think that’s actually a good thing. I already spend too much time (according to my husband) at the computer – so this will make me get up and sit at the dining room table (preferably with a cup of coffee, or hot tea, or some other leisurely beverage) and look. I might actually (gasp) take paper and pencil in hand and write as I gaze out the glass deck door at nature.  Then I wouldn't get distracted by Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, surfing the net . . . this bird feeder just might make me a more focused writer.

I guess Santa knew what he was doing.

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