Old Dog, New Tricks

I'm so proud of my husband.  He's a dinosaur, but he's mine.

He got a beeper when I was pregnant with our first child.  Big step.  Eventually we moved to cell phones.  Our first email was with Juno (anyone remember free dial-up?).  We've moved up through time to DSL, Netflix streaming, wireless routers, and such.  We're definitely not cutting edge - but we do okay.  Now, most of this I have done.  My husband knows how to email, has a website, and "googles" just fine.  But he's never really embraced any of it.  If you really want to reach him, call him - don't rely on email. I update his website for him, and I check the email.  The only thing he keeps on top of with the Internet is his Amazon account.  But things have changed.

He just signed up for an online graduate school class.  Suddenly he's enrolled at North Park Theological Seminary and he's got an edu email address and has to use Blackboard.  He made the very conscious decision that he was going to do this himself - I'm not allowed to help him.  So, HE took the computer orientation course from the school (he scored 100% on computer tech which we're both laughing about), HE signed up and learned how to use Blackboard (I've never done that), he arranged to forward his school email to his personal email (which he is now checking twice a day), and HE is organizing and scheduling his work.

Part of him thinks he's too old to do this (he's just a little older than I), but I tell him learning new things will stave off Alzheimer's.  He's proving to me, it's never too late - you just have to have the right motivation.

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