Off to Aruba (Memories)

Sue, Jane, Sheila
These are the continuing voyages of the starship Enterprise . . . oops - not really, just the continuing travels of Sheila.

Last Thursday morning (January 13th) came early.  Up at 4am, out the door at 5am and standing in the airport at 5:30am.  Kissing my husband goodbye, we (my MIL and SIL) sailed through security in Greensboro, and found ourselves with plenty of time to wait for our 7:10am flight to Miami.  Boarding the small plane (2 and 1) around 6:45am, we settled in our seats and flew down to Miami without a hitch. There we grabbed a quick bite, stretched a bit and soon found ourselves on a nice big plane (3 and 3) to Aruba.  (I must admit having just started watching Season 4 of Lost that I looked carefully at the passengers, wondering since my husband wasn't with us, who would emerge the leader if we crash landed on a strange island.)  That trip also went smoothly (even if we were seated in the next to last row of the plane) and in less than three hours we emerged from the Reina Beatrix International Airport to the beautiful sight of Aruba.  Having left snow and ice in Greensboro, we now stood in bright sunshine and 84 degree weather, shedding our hoodies and donning sunglasses.  A quick bus trip and we were at our hotel in less than half an hour.

Balcony View
By 5pm ( one hour ahead of EST) we had settled in our room, rested, unpacked, and had sat on the balcony totally enjoying our view.  Adjacent to our hotel was a small marketplace (part of the resort property) with little shops, a cinema, and restaurants. We decided on Cilo, where we could eat outside next to the boulevard and the marina and watch life around us.  Steamed grouper, fried cheesecake (shared), a mango daiquiri (just one), and people watching as the sun went down and the street lights came on made for a fun evening full of laughter.

Our table view
Tired from the day of travel we headed to bed.  Everyone agreed this had been a good day. I knew this was definitely going to be one of the best birthday presents I'd ever received!

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