Twas the Tuesday Before Christmas . . .

Twas the Tuesday before Christmas and all through the house, every creature was stirring (hopefully no mouse!).  Daughter Emma was playing Monopoly in her room with a friend, husband Ivan was staying out in his den (okay it's really the office behind the house but that didn't "flow").  Son Ivan was at school with his Extended Essay reviewer, while son Eli was "chillaxin" in the basement alone.  And me?  In my stocking feet I sat at the computer - working out spreadsheets to count what presents were missing.  Trying hard not to stress over what still had to be done, I heard the sweet sound of laughter in the back of my head.  Laughter?  Why laughter?  Then a smile started to spread. It was only Tuesday - still three days to go.  Time to grab some coffee, sit back and relax. The spreadsheet panic could wait, time to go find a snack.

(Okay, it's not Dickens - but did you smile?)

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