A New Experience With Dad

My dad is a terrific person.  At the age of 79 he lets little stop him - including his diminishing eyesight due to macular degeneration disease.  My brother and I (who live in the same town), don't get to see him as much as we'd like since he lives 600 miles away - but he comes up for about six weeks a year to stay with my brother (since my mother died in 2008) and we see each other then.

This year he asked me an unusual question, about his toenails.  It seems he can't trim them well anymore since he can't see them very well.  My mother's cousin told him he was getting pedicures through Medicare and he should check it out.  My brother went through the Medicare book and couldn't find anything like that - but I told him I'd take him for a pedicure.

Yesterday was the day.  I picked him up at 9:30am for our 10am appointment at Rainbow Nails where I get mine done every six months or so (at the great price of $18 I keep thinking I'll do them more often - but life seems to get in the way).  We were early so we sat in the parking lot until they opened and then went in and were seated side by side in the big pedicure chairs.  The Vietnamese ladies were very kind to him and I was pleased that his pedicurist took such good care of him.  Once she heard me call him "Daddy" (a habit I haven't broken in nearly 50 years) that's what she called him.  As she clipped, scrubbed, trimmed, and massaged - his smile got bigger and bigger.  He did have to turn off the massaging chair as he felt like it was going to push him out of the seat.  I'd ask him how he was doing every so often and he'd say fine.  He said, "I don't think this is what David gets, he just gets his toenails cut."

Later as we sat with my freshly painted red toenails under the dryer (he decided to pass on the purple nail polish my daughter had suggested), he said I had a new job - to bring him back next time he was here.  He said his feet felt wonderful.

We went on from there to the DMV so I could renew my driver's license and then to Wendy's for lunch.  It was a great morning spent together.  I can truly say I never expected to share the experience of a pedicure with my father - but I am delighted I did.  I highly recommend it to everyone I know.

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