I'm sad this morning.  Elizabeth Edwards passed away yesterday.  I did not know Elizabeth, but something about her . . .

I was gratified this morning to see the news covering her life and death with great respect.  In an age where beautiful celebrities and influential politicians suck the air out of the room, it was good to be reminded that one life can make a difference by their actions instead of their looks or their power.

I didn't always agree with all of her politics, but here are some of the things that impressed me.

  1. She turned her circumstances into a cause, and not a reality show.
  2. She was faithful to her husband, even when she could no longer live with him because of his unfaithfulness.
  3. She didn't trash her husband to her kids, he's still their father and she knew they would need him.
  4. She wasn't beautiful by media standards, but she was "comfortable in her own skin" and her confidence made her attractive.
  5. She wasn't a victim.  She didn't live in denial, but was matter of fact about what she was dealing with - and lived her life.
I think of my own children, aged 17, 14, and 11.  I can't imagine leaving them, but I hope to live my life in such a way that they would be proud of the mom they had.

Rest in peace Elizabeth Edwards.

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