Behind . . . maybe

It's December 11th, and I feel like I'm behind.  I suppose everyone feels like this (except those people who start their Christmas shopping in July) to some degree. 

I'm really not behind if I look at things calmly. My live tree is up and trimmed.  The outside lights are put up (thanks to my creative sons who created an original design and executed the plan), the mantle is done (thanks to my daughter who wanted to help this year), and the advent calendar was out on December 1st.

So why do I feel behind?  Maybe it's because of the economy and I feel the constraints of responsible spending (though it's not like we spend $1000 on Christmas).  Maybe it's because with three kids their schedules are keeping us hopping with recitals, play performances, Christmas parties, an Eagle Scout ceremony, Girl Scout awards, school ceremonies, and work schedules.  Maybe it's because I have the pleasure of my father being in town for the holidays and I want to try and include him in everything I can - and while he's the most flexible and easy going person I know, it does add another consideration in the mix.  Maybe it's because I don't know what Santa is going to bring the kids this year.  Maybe it's because I haven't gotten my 150 Christmas cards out (though I have finished the newsletter that goes with it and the photo cards are made, now the whole family just has to sign them and I have to print the labels). Maybe it's because I know I can't be everywhere I want to be, like friend's open houses for their home businesses, music performances, elder board dinners, children's performances (other than my own) - so I have to pick and choose what I can make it to and hope people don't get their feelings hurt.  

But maybe, just maybe - it's because I haven't taken enough time to stop and reflect on the gift of Jesus.  I'm thankful for the Advent candle lighting my church does each Sunday during this Advent Season - making me stop and think about the Gift of God.  I'm looking forward to our Christmas Eve Love Feast - where we'll sing some songs, drink some really sweet coffee and eat sticky buns while my precious daughter sings "Morning Star" about a million times while everyone is being served.

Suddenly I don't feel behind.  I'm right where I need to be.

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