Happy Birthday Emma!

My baby girl turns 11 today.  It is amazing how the time has flown. It seems like only yesterday that we sent her oldest brother to school (1st grade) and her other brother to a friend's house (thank you Kevin and Dawn) and made our way to the hospital for induction (my history of having big babies made the doctor decide to induce two weeks early).  This was the third and final child for us.  We didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl (we're old-fashioned and really liked having the surprise each time).

This induction went much smoother than the last (see August 16 post) and we were calm and relaxed as we got started around 11am.  Family members were there and they would take turns coming in to chat with us.  About 2 o'clock the pitocin started really kicking in and my brother (who is a father of two) took a look at my face (he had been talking to Ivan) and said he thought he'd go out to the waiting room now and join the others.  Sure enough, everything went into high gear shortly thereafter and my doctor, who was just coming out of surgery, made it to the room just as it was time to really get started.  A few minutes after 3 o'clock Dr. Taavon held up the beautiful messy child and declared, "It's a girl!" (Actually he already knew from previous ultrasounds but had kept the secret).  We were delighted.  When we had decided to have a third child, many people had assumed that we were "trying for a girl" after two boys.  But I truly did not have that as my motivation, I just didn't feel "done".  Admittedly, it was much easier for some reason to come up with a girl's name than a boy's, but we were prepared (Andrew Garvin would have been the name).

Emma has truly "finished us".  Our family feels complete.  She has brought a new level of joy and happiness to the family that would have been missing had she not been born.  Her father and I are blessed to be her parents.  Happy Birthday Emma!

I took a break from NaNoWriMo to write about my wonderful daughter - she's more important than a novel!

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