Monday, Monday

It's October, the beginning of my favorite time of year.  EXCEPT, today the forecast is for a high of 87.  87!!!!  I have a former classmate who lives in Phoenix and he would love this forecast.  I live in North Carolina and I want last week back - high of 74 and 77, lows in the 40's.  Patience they say is a virtue.  I don't feel very virtuous this morning.

On an unrelated note, I've been "messin' around" with my feeds and such and wound up deleting all my "feeds" and starting over.  this means that everyone who subscribed via feed (Google Reader, Feedburner, etc.) was erased.  So if perchance you've stumbled back on this blog and had subscribed before (this doesn't apply to Google followers), please click on the feed subscription button on the right and sign up again).
Have a great Monday!

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