So I read this post by Elizabeth Esther about Halloween.  I also got word that my niece and her husband have decided NOT to celebrate Halloween or teach their kids to believe in Santa.  I totally respect that.  But we've made other decisions in our family.

We "do" Halloween.  I grew up with it, even as a pentecostal preacher's kid.  We had Halloween parties at church where we bobbed for apples, ate candy and dressed up (whatever was cheapest to put together).  As a young adult I went to a church that decided to ignore it.  I went along with that for a season.  Then I got married, we had kids, and we decided we wanted candy and loved seeing our neighbors (sometimes meeting them for the first time) come around. Then we started going to a church that puts on a Fall Festival and also was the first place I learned about All Saint's Day and what Halloween was in relation to that.  We do teach our children that there is a real Satan and there is real evil out there.  But on Halloween we choose candy with our friends and neighbors.

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