Fair Memories

It is Autumn and this is my favorite season - though this year it seems like I'm scattered to the four winds.  My brain is bursting trying to keep everything together, and I keep reminding myself that someday I'll miss these days (this comes from older, wiser people who have gone this route before me).  I love the cold crisp nights and the cool fall days.  I enjoy the changing colors, but am content to watch them here at home - I have no real desire to drive to the mountains to see the color change.

For the first time in many years, we're not going to the Dixie Classic Fair.  Three kids, work, life, and schedules have finally caught up with us.  Somehow it snuck up on us (though it's at the same time it always has been) and we didn't plan for it.  It opened last weekend without hitting my radar (of course we were going our different ways with Scouts, parties, and work) and this weekend has us going in all different directions again.  I have fond memories of the fair though - so I've posted some pictures from times past.

I wish this season didn't fly so fast though.  It seems like there is a freight train that is starting to gather up steam even now.  The kids are talking about Halloween costumes, Emma's birthday is right after, then there's Thanksgiving, then it's get up the Christmas lights, mail the Christmas cards (a tradition I really do enjoy), buy presents, celebrate Christmas, then New Years - and there isn't much time to breathe between anything.  I wish they were all spread out a bit more so we could anticipate, plan, and enjoy each one without the "next thing" waiting to immediately replace it.  I truly understand what my parents meant about time flying when I would complain about it taking so long for events to happen (when I was a kid).

So for now I'll just concentrate on enjoying the little moments as they come.  Live in the now, for that's truly all we have - now.

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