College Time Already?

Last night I sat with my eldest and reviewed "The Common Application" that two of the schools he is applying for (UNC-Asheville and Hillsdale College) use in the admissions process.  It was rather fun in many ways, he had done much of it, I had filled in dates for him, and together we finished out about 95% of it. Having never been to college (though I did apply and was accepted at Boise State University 1979 - go Bronco's!), it was quite educational.  The application isn't hard, but it is very thorough.  I was impressed with my son and his slate of hard classes (he's an International Baccalaureate student) and seeing his interests and activities reminded me of how proud I am of him.

Tonight we finished setting up the last two of his college campus visits (NC State and Duke University) for next week when he's out of class for a teacher workday. The last 17 years have flown by, and suddenly the goal we have talked about forever is within his grasp.

I am not teary thinking about it (though I expect August of 2011 I'll go through a BUNCH of tissues!), but very proud of him and excited to see where he is headed.  I just can't believe we're here.

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