West Wing and Life

I love to watch West Wing.  Don't know it?  It was a series about the White House from 1999 to 2006.  The writing was brilliant and the dynamics of the show incredible.  Though it is about a Democratic president, even some of the most die hard Republicans I know loved the show.  Why?  Because it showed how things work, idealism, tenacity, relationships, loyalty - any number of things to grab on to.

Even now, when the show has been off the air for sometime, people watch it over and over.  My husband and I have taken to watching an episode (we actually bought it on disc) just after the news headlines (and we've gotten all the kids off to school) on weekdays if we can.  We find that somehow we feel a bit more inspired for the day.  Here are some things I've learned from West Wing:
I would have liked to be Mrs. Landingham or even Debbie, but that wasn't my path.  So I'll do my part and do it as well as I can.  Good Monday morning!

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