Big Boy - Burbank, CA
It's Saturday.  My youngest (daughter) is headed off in a few minutes to participate in Big Sweep with her Girl Scout Troop.  My middle child (son) is in Virginia getting ready to ride 50 miles (Virginia Creeper) on his bike for his Boy Scout cycling badge.  My oldest (son) is asleep at the moment but will be working the afternoon shift (he worked last night too) at the grocery store.  After breakfast my husband will be working on designing the sign for the wilderness trail our oldest is building for his Eagle Project next Saturday.  I will do laundry and work on my critique group submission.  I love Saturdays.

By the way, on one of the blogs I read the last week or so (I'm sorry I can't remember which one) I was challenged to make sure I was reading enough, so this week I read a book that my daughter just finished from her BOB (Battle of the Books) reading list.  It was delightful - Savvy by Ingrid Law. I recommend it highly for a nice quick read.  It reminded me of why I like to read, and why I want to write.

My blog of recommendation today is: In My Dreamhouse - Reed gives us great little insights into life through her experiences.  Please read and follow!

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