The Locker Room

Call me old-fashioned, but I don't think women should go in the locker room with guys.  Just like I don't think men should go in the locker room with women.  No matter how they are dressed.  Isn't the locker room like, well, like a BATHROOM?  Shouldn't there be some sense of privacy?  Would you follow a stranger or even an acquaintance into their bedroom or bathroom while they get dressed?

Right now there is a flap over Inez Sainz who is a female reporter who was "harassed" in a football locker room.

My answer to it all?  No reporters (male or female) in any locker room.  Let's give people some basic privacy.  Interview them on the field or when they come out.

My blog recommendation today is: Following the Bubbles.  This is a great read, and Dina should have more followers - her writing is interesting and worth your time.

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