How Old Is 8?

Contemplating the next chapter of my children's fantasy novel, I have become aware of the challenge of writing to a target audience.  The main characters in my story have just turned 11 years old - but my target audience is 8 - 11.  I was about to start lamenting the "growing up too soon" of our children (which I do believe by the way) when I remembered who I "liked" as a child.  Hold on, I'm about to date myself . . . (at least it isn't carbon dating).

Courtesy photoxpress / Kurhan

The Brady Bunch - I leaned toward Greg and Marcia, tolerated Peter and Jan - but was really between them and Bobby and Cindy.

The Partridge Family - well, duh - of COURSE it was all about Keith!  But truly it was Danny who was my age . . .

The Monkees - of course there was no one my age there - but I couldn't resist mentioning the incredibly wonderful Davy Jones.


Trixie Beldon - she was 13 and I was probably 9 when I started reading that wonderful series (I was an official member of her fan club).

Sue Barton and Kathy Martin were both nurse series I really enjoyed - I was 9 - 13 when I read them.

So, all this reminiscing brings me to the fact that I'm probably right on track with my book.  AND, that my daughter (who almost 11) liking Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and the Jonas Brothers is not unusual at all - she's just like her Mom.

Back to writing I go!