Dad Versus Mom

Parenting is difficult at times.  Extremely rewarding, but also challenging.  An issue my husband and I debate over is the use of technology.  We recently had a discussion over the use of gaming systems.  We own a Wii which came into our home at Christmas a couple of years ago.  It does not "belong" to any one of our three children, but is a family game.  Admittedly, our two oldest (boys) use it the most.  Everyone is allowed to purchase their own games if they so choose - though we encourage multi-player games so that others can play too.  Sometimes this works, sometimes not.

The boys have at various times asked if they could buy their own systems (with their own money), but we have always said no.  Reasons?
  1. We have one television in the rec room for them to share (televisions in bedrooms are not allowed). 
  2. Multiple gaming systems would be a nightmare to share
  3. Control issues (jealousy sometimes raises its head)
My husband's first reaction anytime there is a hint of rebellion, disrespect, or discord is to threaten (and he truly means it) the removal of said gaming system (and all Internet, cell phones, etc.).  I have taken the stand that we have got to learn to navigate through this and that our kids will have to learn to share (and be responsible with Internet, cell phone, etc.)

We set limits which sometimes get stretched out and have to be brought back in line.

We dance the dance with technology without any finesse - it is trial by error, as is most parenting.

Thank God for prayer.

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