Technological Adventures

** It seems after I wrote this and worked with my new "feedburner", I inadvertently deleted my 26 subscribers - so if you had subscribed via feed, would you please do it again?  Thanks!

After my confession of jealousy of Elizabeth Esther yesterday (she sent me a very nice note via Twitter by the way), I decided to do some exploring.  Like - how did that Feedburner show on her account?  Is it just because she uses Wordpad and I use Blogger, or am I missing something?  A simple Google search pointed me in the right direction.  It seems I was already signed up but it hadn't switched over since I changed my blog name (from Sheila's Reflections to SheilaScribbles) and I obviously haven't been keeping up with it.

It turns out I may have made people become Google Friends when they could have just subscribed via email or through Feedburner.  Sorry about that friends!  Being self-taught on the wonders of the web is a lot of fun, but probably not very efficient!  Thanks for sticking with me friends through the changes.

Back to blogging - memories of Alcatraz coming soon!

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