Jealousy (Mine!)

I follow a fair amount of blogs, most of them I really enjoy reading and have them listed on the side of my blog to share with others.  Some are not on Blogspot so I subscribe to them and get them delivered into my email.  One such is whom I have enjoyed very much.  HOWEVER, her latest blog elicited an unwelcome response in me.  It was one of jealousy.  She just got a column gig with The Orange County Register (which is across the country from where I live, so why should I care?).  My dream is to have a newspaper column where my wandering thoughts would be shared.  Never mind that I haven't done anything other than blog to pursue that (I have had a few pieces published in the op ed column over the years). Never mind she has 1084 subscribers via Feedburner and 1211 Twitter followers and has obviously worked at developing herself as a public writer.

Oh well, now that I've written this down - I guess I can't be jealous.  She's worked hard and has earned this.  Congratulations Elizabeth - way to go.  Have fun!

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