Happy Birthday Eli

I'm taking a break from my California vacation memories today to wish my son a Happy Birthday.

Fourteen years ago today I found myself at the hospital being induced for the birth of our second child. As was our custom, we had not found out the gender of our child, wanting instead the thrill of the moment when the doctor would announce "it's a ____". This was my first induction, so I didn't know what to expect. But because our first child had been a big baby (over 9 pounds), my doctor wanted to try and prevent that from happening again. I also had Strep B, which means I needed to be taking an IV antibiotic during birth to prevent the baby from getting it. We were so excited. It was a Friday, so our oldest, Ivan who was 3, went to day care as usual and we headed to Women's Hospital. By 7:30am I was hooked up and ready to go. It wasn't long however until my arm really started to hurt. When I asked the nurse if my arm should hurt more than my contractions, a quick check discovered a puddle of pitocin on the floor - meaning the IV wasn't working correctly and I had everything (maybe air?) in my arm and not going through. This was quickly remedied and labor ensued. I won't do a play by play (mothers already know and future moms don't need to), but I did have a little scare when suddenly they were putting an oxygen mask on me and I didn't know why. My sweet husband calmed me down and explained that the baby was stressed a bit and I needed to get more oxygen. I didn't like the mask. It scared me. They took it off and the next thing I remember the nurse was practically crawling up on top of me and pushing from above as I pushed from within. The glorious moment came and we waited to for those magical words - "It's a . . . BOY!" Tears flowed from my husband and I as we looked at each other and expressed our amazement that we had been blessed with another son - Eli Milton Siler

Happy Birthday Eli - you have been and are a joy to our lives.

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