California Musings - Day 3 (July 6)

Tuesday, July 6th came with cool skies and a light mist. After breakfast we donned our jackets and headed to Warner Brother Studios for our prepaid tour. Leaving extra early in case there was bad traffic, we were delighted to make extra time - delighted because poor Emma got sick. I mean really sick. Her brother came to the rescue as she threw up in a plastic bag he had as we were pulling into Burbank and just in front of the studios. Turning around we found a very nice Chevron station that was clean and ready for business. We stayed there for a little bit until she felt better - then made our way back over to Warner Brothers and checked in for our tour. What a delight! We had an excellent tour guide - Meg, who took us on the back lot, the front lot and onto the stages of Ellen and Two and a Half Men. One of the things I found most interesting was how small the stages really were to work with - just like a play. Grandma was in heaven as there were lots of John Wayne references, Emma loved the fact that part of the Annie movie was filmed there and Eli, Ivan 4, and Ivan 3 enjoyed the car museum (Clint Eastwood's Gran Torino, the Batmobile, etc.). I enjoyed fantasizing about being a script girl or someone's personal assistant (I think that would be terrific - I would take good care of Jennifer Garner, Sandra Bullock, or Julia Roberts!). There were multiple things to enjoy and the two hours just flew by. After perusing the gift shop (my mother-in-law insisted on buying me something labeled "writer" - I got a pen), we headed off to Big Boy and had lunch. We spent the afternoon at the pool as the son had come out around 1:30pm.
A lazy afternoon was enjoyed splashing, relaxing, and even some snoozing. late afternoon we headed out to Malibu. Driving through the canyon the kids (and some adults) were amazed to see the hillsides covered with nice homes and ranches, some with horses. Coming out of the canyon, there was the Pacific Ocean - absolutely beautiful. A drive down by the coast all the way to Santa Monica one Highway One was terrific. In Santa Monica we stopped up at the park so we could look down at the pier. After that we drove back into Los Angeles and found a little strip mall where five of us had New York Pizza and one of us had sushi next door. For those who know us, guess who?
Then it was back to Grauman's Chinese Theatre to look at sidewalk stars and concrete hand/hoof/shoe prints. Everyone was delighted to find their favorite stars on the sidewalk - though we didn't take the time to find them all - too many! this was our last night in Hollywood, it was fun to see it at night. We found our way home (tried to go up to Griffith Observatory but either missed the sign, the park was closed, or something - everyone was exhausted anyways) back to the hotel where we got in our rooms and started to pack up for the next day of travel. all in all - a delightful experience in Los Angeles. the temperatures stayed in the mid-70's the whole time, and most importantly - NO HUMIDITY! At this point, I was in love with California.

It should be noted that I grew up (for the most part) out West. Though born in Mississippi, I was conceived in California. We moved back out there when I was around 2 - lived there until I was five, then moved to idaho where we lived most of the rest of my childhood - I did graduate from Vallivue High School (Canyon County). So I do have a great fondness for the West.

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