California Musings - Day 7 (July 10)

Saturday - this was the big one.  We were going to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge!  An easy trip back into town and this time we parked in the parking deck a bit closer to Pier 39.  Back onto the tour bus we went (remember we had two day passes) and off we went.  The tour was a bit disappointing because the audio tape wasn't working and the bus driver had to "tell" us stuff.  He was okay, but I would have liked to hear the audio tape again as there was more information on it.  Oh well.  It was enjoyable to see all the sights again and make our way once more to the Bridge.  Off we got and after pictures were made and confirming plans with Sue again (she would stay there for one tour bus change and then get on and pass over the bridge and wait for us on the other side) we set off.  It was a beautiful day, a little cool but that was perfect for walking across.  It happened to be the same day that the Avon Breast Cancer walk was happening and they were coming from the North side to the South, so we saw probably 100 walkers in all kinds of pink outfits and fun sayings (Save the TaTas, Walkers for Knockers, etc.).  The view was beautiful walking across and we enjoyed it greatly.  Originally Ivan was the only one going to walk, but he was thrilled that we all decided to walk with him.  I was very glad to have done it.  Once on the other side we waited for the bus and eventually got on.  We finished the tour and after we got back to the starting point we went to the nearby McDonald's for lunch.
Walking back to Pier 39 Sue stumbled and unfortunately fell and bruised up her knees.  Fortunately no real harm was done and we (the boys) helped her up and then Ivan took her to a first aid station.  After bathroom breaks we went back to the Suburban (aka The Tank) and headed out to Muir's Woods.  Driving across The Bridge we headed out and suddenly found ourselves "out of the city".  A winding (and I mean winding) road led us into Muir's Woods where we saw a few redwoods and visited the gift shop. 

Then it was back to San Francisco, but this time going around the bay and coming over the Bay Bridge from Oakland.  First things first though - a trip by Berkeley where we took pictures and ate at Xtreme Pizza (very good!).  Eventually back to the hotel and in for the night!  Tomorrow - Alcatraz!

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