California Musings - Day 5 (July 8)

After a good night of sleep in Monterey, we headed to Big Sur on Thursday morning, July 8. A stop at Starbucks with a treat for everyone and onto Highway 1 we went. Beautiful winding roads and within seemingly moments we were on the coast line. A coastline like none I've seen before. Breathtaking. Pictures were taken along the way with a nice stop at the Bixby Bridge for more pictures. Then it was on past the Point Sur Lighthouse and down to Nepenthe Restaurant. We didn't eat there but found the most delightful shop, The Phoenix Shop to browse in. Back into the car we went and retraced our steps back to Monterey. From there we took Highway 101 and headed to San Francisco. Skirting San Jose (do you know the way to San Jose) we made our final road stop at Taco Bell for lunch. As we headed toward our final destination the temperature started dropping and when we could see San Francisco (with mountains behind it!) there was a cloud just sitting there, hanging low over the city. Not smog, just a cloud. Another incredible sight. Upon our arrival in South San Francisco (snuggled up to the airport), we checked in at the Hampton Inn and unloaded for the last time. Ivans 3 & 4 went to Wendy's to bring back dinner for all of us and I started doing laundry (three loads!) at the hotel. We spent a quiet night getting ready for the next day. What would we find?