Today is July 1st, and we're headed for vacation in three days! My husband and I decided some years ago that we wanted to give our kids as much travel experience as we could. To do that end we have kept our eyes open for deals and bargains to do what we can. We have been blessed with many trips. This year, we're headed for California. We're flying to Los Angeles and spending three nights, then driving to Monterey and spending the night, then on to San Francisco for four nights. We always look at each trip we take as perhaps the only time we'll be there - so enjoy! Our oldest is a rising senior in high school - so this may be it for the whole family, who knows? I'll post a nice travel log when I get back. Here's some of what we've done.

2009 - Washington DC for spring break (drive); Dollywood in the fall (drive)

2008 - Disney World in the spring (drive); Myrtle Beach in the fall (drive)

2007 - Niagara Falls/Pittsburgh/Gettysburg (drive)

2006 - Philadelphia/New York City (drive)

2005 - Grand Canyon/Hoover Dam/Las Vegas (fly and drive)

See you when I get back!

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