The Rock, Planet 51, The Paper Chase

This weekend was HOT. Miserably so. In spite of this, we (my family and I) managed to get lots of work done on Saturday AND watched three movies this weekend. (and yes, we went to church, had a family lunch on Sunday, and took naps!). I would like to share my thoughts on the movies.

The Rock
This we watched because we recently visited Alcatraz and this movie takes place there. We were told it was the most inaccurate of movies made there (they say Clint Eastwood's "Escape from Alcatraz" is) - but it has Sean Connery in it - so I don't care. I'm trying to think what the point of the movie was. I greatly enjoyed seeing sites in San Francisco that I just saw two weeks ago, and the outside of Alcatraz was correct, just the inside wasn't right. But hey, it's the movies, not a history lesson. However, I did come away with the idea that it takes courage to be successful in life whatever you're doing. Whether it's escaping from prison, disarming deadly weapons, or making a commitment to your family.

The Paper Chase
This turned out to be better in theory/memory than actuality, but it was a good movie all in all. It had that classic 70's feel, where the ending was full of freedom from the tyranny of the establishment, etc.

Planet 51
Now this was a cute movie for the whole family (ages 10 - 53 in our ours). It was fairly predictable, but again there was a theme of having courage to stand up for what is the right (not always the safe thing) and discovering what you're made of. Everyone has a chance to look inside and see who they are. I enjoyed this movie.

These are my movie reviews of the weekend.

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