It has been an incredible two weeks since we got back from our California family vacation. We had a fantastic time and I will blog later about the trip. Right now though, I'm going to address huge changes.
Our oldest (17) has been looking for a job all summer with no success (a few odd jobs for friends, but nothing on a regular basis). Today, he was hired at a local grocery store that hires lots of high school and college students. I feel really good about it, he starts on Monday. The challenge for me is that now theory will become reality. An immediate reality (which we have discussed and agreed to previously) is that he won't be able to go with us to the beach for a long weekend (which also happens to be his father's birthday). He's fine with that (he's not really much of a beach person - too hot), but his father and I are struggling. We've always done things together as a family. While each of us have gone and done our own thing (our middle son is at camp right now), I can't remember a time that all the family minus one have gone away. I know in my head this is good practice for when he goes to college next year.

But like the child being made to take music lessons, I don't want to practice! I can't believe I'm finally at this place in my life. My only consolation is that this isn't my last child. It was much easier when all I had to do was feed, burp, and change diapers.

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