Tuesday - Bouncing Back

Okay, so I'm "over" my pity party. So I got rejected, who hasn't? I live such a charmed life of blessing and goodwill that I forgot temporarily what it was like to not be liked. (Okay, it was only a story - not like I got blackballed from the party!) I had a day of the blues yesterday (which is really too bad since it was a holiday), but better today. Except for the fact that I have poison ivy on my face (slept on my hand which has it) - life is good.

So, it's off to the shower to get ready for work (I do work a part-time office job at Kids Voting--Guilford), then I'll stop by DSW shoes to pick up a new pair of Asics to break in before vacation (California here we come!).

It's onward and upward! Have a great day guys!

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