Questions and Answers

Tonight I found myself at home alone for the evening. Woohoo! What to do? I decided to watch a movie on Netflix (streaming). I settled on The Answer Man with Jeff Daniels, a "romantic comedy". I didn't really find it to be a romantic comedy. Instead it was a movie about the questions of life. Is there God, what does it all mean, etc., etc., etc. Spoiler alert - it basically ends that everything was a lie and it's all about the choices we make. Enough truth spread throughout to sound good, and yet it still leaves you on your own. It was a good enough film I suppose, but it left me feeling out of sorts.
I believe that God does exist, that He loves me and wants what is absolutely best for me. Does he allow me to make my own choices? Absolutely. But I don't (if I so choose) make those choices alone. I make them with His help and guidance. Do I hear His audible voice? No, but because I have put my trust in Him I believe my steps are guided by Him.

Right now, I'm headed to do the laundry - a productive use of my time.

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