My Hair or Hers?

Yesterday I took my 10 year old daughter to get a haircut. Not just any haircut, but a Locks of Love haircut. A twelve inch ponytail is now laying on my table in a nice plastic bag ready to be mailed off. She's had shorter hair before (there was a stint with lice a few years ago), but never this short. I admit, I struggled with the concept.

I grew up with long hair, and the idea that girls should have long hair. I myself was in 9th grade before getting mine cut any significant length. I don't care if others have short hair (well, I admit I don't particularly care for really short hair, like above the ears), I just don't want it for myself.

After a night of sleep I thought of two reasons why I struggled with this.
One is control. Letting her choose took me a bit out of control, and I don't like it. It means she's her own person and she might not choose the things I like - and somewhere in the dark corners of my mind, that's a personal rejection. Boy, do I need a trip to the beach to sort that one out!
Two is upbringing. I grew up with dresses, long hair, no make up, etc. etc. in my early years. And even though that all started changing around age 13 or so, I find that whatever happens in your early years really leaves a mark. It's like my default mode always starts there. I really need that trip to the beach!
She looks adorable (and older by the way so I'm not crazy about that) and she's happy. So time for mom to let go and realize this is NOT a battle to even get into. I'll wait and spend my control on things like curfews and friendships - not hair length.

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