Life and Rainbows

Tonight I had someone ask what was going on in my life and before I knew it I rattled off a long litany of "stuff". My mother-in-law had cataract surgery last Tuesday, a melanoma removed last Thursday (which I change the bandage for daily since it's on the back of her neck where she cannot reach), she's scheduled for another cataract surgery tomorrow. Others are helping with the cataract surgeries and I gladly take care of the bandaging (she only lives two streets over). My middle son went to the doctor yesterday for a camp physical (Boy Scout camp all next week) and I dropped him off this morning for a three day camp. My daughter is still in school this week (she goes to an extended year school) and yesterday I got her worked in to see the doctor because she developed a nasty rash on her face (an allergic reaction to something that is now responding well to Cortaid). Last Sunday was the second anniversary of my mother's death. I work a 15 hour a week job for a 2 person non-profit office that I enjoy greatly - but we have a new Executive Director so the two of us are learning new routines and how to get it all done. I also work for my husband's business as his office manager (thank goodness for flexible hours!), though that doesn't take a lot of time right now. I forgot to mention that all three kids are starting new music lessons. Just saying it all out loud made me stop for a moment.

Before you think I'm feeling sorry for myself let me say this. I think every mother I know has a similar schedule if they stop and think about it. And as all things in life do, these events ebb and flow with the tides of life.

But in the midst of all the "stuff", there are beautiful moments. Yesterday was one of them. I was taking my middle son to Boy Scouts (Dad and brother were at work) and as we got to the end of our street, ready to turn - he said, "Look, a rainbow!" There in the midst of the raindrops and sunshine was a beautiful rainbow. Just as I looked at it he said, "Wow, look! A DOUBLE rainbow!" And incredibly, there it was. The most amazing part was, as we drove down the street - we found the end of the rainbow (by the way, it ended in front of a bank . . . pot of gold?). Even more amazing was that I had to stop at a stoplight, and could sit and stare at the end of the rainbow. Tears sprang to my eyes as I reflected on the beauty of the moment and the significance of the rainbow. A beautiful creation of God to remind me of His love for me.

I have all I need.

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