Letting Go?

Yesterday I was with my mother-in-law helping her pick out some new glasses. I ALWAYS have a good time with her no matter what we're doing. This was fun as she just had cataract surgery and is delighting in her new vision. We're also preparing to go on vacation (she and our family of 5) in a week, so we were having fun discussing all the things we're going to see and do. ANYWAY, while we were waiting for her glasses I gave my oldest a call to check on his plans for the evening. I knew he was going to a friend's house, I just wanted to check and see what time, etc. In the midst of the conversation I asked him about dinner, he didn't know, I made suggestions, etc., etc.. After I clicked off, I was telling Grandma all about it and she gave me a little admonishment. "Stop that," she said. "Stop what?" I said. "Quit reminding, stop taking care of him so much," she said, or something to that effect. "But what if he doesn't get dinner?" I replied (by the way - he didn't).

As I thought about it I realized she was right. He's 17 and I need to quit babying him. He's my oldest and it's hard to let go. But I need to, no, I HAVE to in order for him to be a successful adult. My husband's been telling me that forever.

I guess I'm just finally ready to listen.

It was easier when all I had to do was feed them and change their diapers.

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