Writing, and Writing, and Writing

I've been taking big steps this past week. I submitted a children's story to Spider Magazine, sent a personal essay submission to ApronStrings, mailed off a children's poem for consideration of a Children's Anthology being put together by the Writer's Group of the Triad, and have been working like mad on my fantasy juvenile fiction book. All in all, a concentrated push on my writing.

I wonder what makes us decide to really go after something? I've been trying to pinpoint my sudden desire to really push through on this endeavor. I've been writing for some years now, and have been a part of a wonderful critique group for the past year - which is what gave birth to the book I am writing. I've been published in our local newspaper a few times, but lately have felt the real urge to get published in other venues (namely paying ones!).

Is it for the money? I'd be lying if I said no, of course I want to get paid. But I can't say that's the primary reason right now.

Is it for the fame? God knows I turn red when I get too much attention so I don't think that's it.

I believe it is for validation. Validation in my choice to become a writer. Validation that what I do has value to others. Perhaps it's my approaching birthday, milestone birthdays have a way of doing that.

Whatever the cause, I'm grateful for it - I've had a very productive time these past few weeks, and I look forward to the future.

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