To Be or Not To Be

It has been a good Memorial Day weekend so far, for the most part. We got a lot of yard work and housework done yesterday so that today and tomorrow are "free" days.
However, I must admit that as a writer I am feeling a bit discouraged. I received a rejection letter for a children's short story I submitted to a magazine. Not my first rejection, but this one seems to sting a bit more. I'm not sure why.
On a bright and unexpected note, this morning during the "passing of the peace", I turned around and shook hands with a retired couple I know and the first thing the gentleman said to me was "I know Jack!", it took me a moment to connect the dots to my previous blog post (May 25). It seems that his wife reads my blog from time to time and when she saw that one she made her husband read it since they are/were "24" fans. That was an unexpected and welcome perk.
I am wondering if I have been kidding myself about the idea of being anything more than a blog writer. Writing a novel, adult or children, has tough competition.
I enjoy being a blog writer, it's fairly easy for me to write from my experience of the moment - but let's face it, we're pretty much a dime a dozen. Every once in a while a true diamond of a writer will shine through the pile of coal, but I wonder where I fall out even with that.
So, this week I'll finish my submission for my writer's critique group, finish my critique of other member's work, look for a new place to submit my children's short story, and continue to blog. In the meantime, I'll take a hard look at myself and my work and try to be honest about what my talent may or may not be. Hobby, career, or combination of both? Time will tell.

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