Shoes - Love Them and Hate Them

I love shoes and purses. In my younger years I had lots of shoes and changed purses a lot. My kids still think I change purses a lot (if they only knew my past!), but my shoe collection has become pitifully small. Why?

Well, first of all my shoe size changed after giving birth three times -so there went all of my oldie but goodies. Second, some of them just plain wore out. Thirdly, I got older (much older to hear my kids) and some of the styles just didn't "fit" me anymore.

Yesterday I wore my red heels that I love (and my daughter adores) to work. All day. I worked late (board meeting), picked up my daughter from Girl Scouts (all my guys were at Boy Scouts), took her to dinner (Wendy's) and headed home. We decided to stop at Rack Room Shoes on the way home because my feet were screaming at me for new shoes.

What a dilemma! What's the deal? It appears that my choices (at least at this store) were either flats (some quite cute I admit) or heels that will land me in the hospital. At 5'3" I need and want some height (especially since everyone except my 10 year old daughter is taller than I), plus I just like SOME heel. I can't wear the high heels safely anymore (plus there's nothing worse than a middle aged woman wearing teenybopper shoes). But I'm not OLD either, seems like all the appropriate heeled shoes for me all look like they belong to Queen Elizabeth. Aargh!
When we got home I gave my beloved red heels to my daughter (discovered they were half a size too small for me, probably the source of my pain!), at least they're still in the family.
It probably doesn't help that I am cheap. But I am determined to find shoes I LOVE, shoes that FIT, and shoes I can AFFORD. Wish me luck!

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