Nervous Habit?

I discovered last week that I have developed a nervous habit. It comes at a funny time in my life, but now that I have recognized it, I do understand where it comes from. My nervous habit? Not finishing sentences and sometimes words. When do I do it? When the conversation is about me. Why now? Because I am developing myself as a writer and with that (if I want to be successful) comes a certain amount of self-promotion. I do that relatively well with Facebook and Twitter - but face to face with my friends and then with strangers? That is difficult.

How do you handle the line between bragging and self-promotion for career purposes? I don't know yet. I'm just glad I've recognized the problem. My first step? To slow down my speech and finish a thought. If my friends didn't want to know, they wouldn't be asking, right? I WILL learn how to self-promote without becoming a bore!

Do you have a problem with self-promotion that has developed into a nervous habit? Just wondering. I encourage you to look at yourself for any nervous habits you may have and work on getting rid of it, you'll be happy you did.

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