End of an Era - goodbye Jack Bauer

Last night I cried. Let me explain, I know it's silly, but I have grown very attached to a fictional character - Jack Bauer on 24. My husband and I somehow managed to start watching the series on the very first episode - and we stuck with it through all the seasons, never missed an episode. Not sure I can say that about any other show.

I would agree with many that it was time for the show to end (by the way 24 ended on the 24th which I thought was cool). I mean, how much more could Jack take? Almost everyone he ever loved has died, and he's been betrayed by many. Plus, how many more threats can our country live through and how many scandals can the White House (Vote for President Palmer!) live through (hmmm).

But I think the appeal of Jack is that he was/is fiercely patriotic and has convictions he is willing to die for. He has courage we don't see often. Of course for most of us women it doesn't hurt that Kiefer Sutherland is pretty good looking - even bruised, battered, and bloody.

When I was flying last year to Florida for vacation I was wearing my "You Don't Know Jack" t-shirt, the TSA guy immediately recognized it and we discussed the previous episode and agreed we needed Jack to protect us. I think most guys liked his gutsy, bold, "damn the torpedoes" attitude - probably something they would like to do themselves if they didn't have to "make nice" to get along in society.

It wouldn't be fair not to mention Chloe. When she joined the series she was such a "rough" character, but watching her mature and blossom was good - yet she never changed her core self. Even though not as violently demonstrative as Jack - she was just as fiercely patriotic and her loyalty and belief in him is unmatched.

I couldn't figure out how they were going to end the series, and worried about it falling flat. But I will say that I thought it very appropriate and I appreciated the way it was done. I cried for the last 15 minutes (I am a bit of a cry baby).

Today is another day, and life goes on. It's only a television show, but it made an impact. If you never watched it, I'm sorry that "You don't know Jack".

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