Awkward Days

The two most awkward days of the year for me are Mother's Day (which happens to be today) and my birthday (which is on the very inconvenient day of New Year's Eve). Why are they awkward? Attention is directed at me for no accomplishment of my own. Giving birth and being born.

I don't do well with attention. It's not that I'm shy (I'm not), but it's more that I don't like things that claim to be "deserved". That said, I love to GIVE attention. I like giving attention to my mother-in-law on Mother's Day (my mother passed away two years ago) and everyone will tell you my favorite thing in the world to make is birthday cake for anyone and everyone in my family if I can.

So, today I'll smile through the attention freely given (my daughter just came in and gave me my gift, a little pot of artificial flowers they made in class) and the attention forced (sometimes Dad has to push a little on the teens), then I'm free from the "awkward attention" for 7 and a half months!

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