I joined the tweeting world yesterday. Actually I did it Thursday night, but then "tweeked" my "twitter" yesterday and settled on my name. Out of that you can see that I have changed the name of my blog here. From here on out it is SheilaScribbles. I have held out for a long time, but decided to jump in the pool and see what happens. I'll let you know.

Last night we watched "Gran Torino". What a film. The language is atrocious, but unfortunately all too realistic. The ending, well, I won't do a spoiler - let's just say it wasn't expected. Like to think? Like good acting? Watch it.

This week we took the step of downsizing our cable. Went back to what is called broadcast cable (just the main networks, the local cable news channel, public access) for only $10 a month. Resubscribed to Netflix for only $9 a month which then lets us stream TONS of stuff through the Wii. Less is more.

The other big project this weekend is cleaning out (or at least part) the basement. Trash can is ready to go and the cargo van is empty reading for donations to go to Tabitha's Closet.

How will you work on simplifying your life?

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