So I Gave Up Chocolate for Lent . . .

Easter is tomorrow and I will have concluded my first Lent offering. As you know, I gave up chocolate for Lent this year (my husband suggested Facebook and I laughed). I love chocolate, there's nothing better than a great brownie or a hot lava cake - but I went for it.

Overall, I'd say I did okay. I only fell "off the wagon" twice. Once consciously (I was at someone's house and they served me a piece of yellow cake with chocolate frosting - and I couldn't see a way out without making it into a big deal) and once unconsciously (I ordered chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and didn't think anything about it until two weeks later when I was reflecting on that day).

I think I really liked doing it because every time I chose not to eat chocolate, I remembered why -that I was using it to remind myself of the road to the cross. Do I think not eating chocolate was even remotely like the road of suffering that Christ took? Absolutely not. But it did become a great vehicle for me to think about the price Jesus willingly paid for my sins to be forgiven.

I'm glad it did this, now I'm going to finish the last of my Valentine's candy for breakfast (tomorrow)!

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