Married How Long?

This week my husband and I will celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary. Time is funny, in someways it feels like a lifetime ago, and in other ways it feels like it is impossible that 21 years have passed.

We should never have worked.

** My husband and I were "set up" for a blind date. ** He is 13 inches taller than I am. ** I was a "goody two shoes" - he was not. ** He was a Methodist and I was a pentecostal. ** He was a "deal with it NOW" and I was a "sweep it under the rug" personality. ** He was 32 and I was 28 when we married - a little "set" in our ways. ** We married five and a half months after we met. **

Now we have three children, a mortgage, and two minivans. I am forever grateful that God brought us together.

I remember life before marriage in sepia tones - now it's full-blown color!

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