Snow Yet Again!?

It's snowing again. Big beautiful fluffy flakes began to swirl mid-day. It wasn't supposed to stick because it has been too warm, but as I look out the window this afternoon I see the yard is white and the trees look very wintery.

I could complain, but it's hard to fuss at something so beautiful. Summer will be here soon enough (time passes SO quickly these days!) and these snowy days will be but a memory.

I'm grateful to live somewhere with different seasons. Each season has something wonderful to offer if we'll just look for it. Same way with life. Life has seasons too (if you're really living it that is). It can be easy to miss the good when one season seems to overwhelm, but it's there. Just hold on - a new season will come soon enough and once again, the season you're win will be but a memory.

Take a moment this snowy day and look for the beautiful, then take a moment to look at the season of life you're in and find the beautiful - I promise it's there.

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