Wednesday I was involved in a car accident. Nothing major, as in no injuries or undriveable cars - but I haven't been in an accident in almost 21 years - so it was startling. So now my "Ruby" has a great big boo boo. I can't open the passenger side door, it goes to the shop on Monday and we'll see what happens.

It was a bit of a wake up call as to how quickly things can happen and I have been thinking about how we are involved in so many things in life that could easily go wrong - and we take them for granted. While I must say I have been more conscious of everything going on around me on the road since the accident, I am choosing not to get paranoid or become fearful.

Same thing is going on with my writing. It seems like suddenly I have several things going on at once, and the temptation is to quit all of it because it seems like too much. I have this blog, which I enjoy greatly, a new gig at Examiner.com that is stretching me to write articles that aren't too "bloggy", and my youth novel that seems to be growing bigger and bigger through the support and encouragement of my critique group. But just like driving after an accident, I am choosing to be aware of it all, but not become fearful. I CAN do this.

So, don't become fearful of whatever is going on in your life - keep on driving with me!

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