College or Middle School

A friend asked me the other day which was harder - my oldest starting college (fall of 2011) or my youngest starting middle school (fall of 2011). I said it was the college start.

But now that I've had some time to think about it, I think it will actually be next year. That's when I'll have a senior in high school and a freshman in high school and my youngest in her last year of elementary school. The fact that both my boys are in high school at that point, towering over me (okay - that's not new, it's been that way for awhile), preparing for their adult lives, is incredible. And my daughter, well - everyone knows girls grow up faster, so I expect that time to fly by.

I'm not sad though, like my husband said - this is what we raise them for. I'm excited to see who they will be, what they will experience, and the impact on their worlds. I hope they still want to be around me.

That doesn't mean I won't cry when they start new chapters in their lives - I will, I'm a crier. I cry at commercials, songs, books, and movies.

It is amazing - this life is such a gift. Thanks, God!

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