Snow Days

Snow days (meaning everything shuts down) are not something I grew up with. Most of my childhood, off and on, was spent in the beautiful Treasure Valley of Idaho (Nampa). There, as I recall, we had a decent amount of snow every winter and I don't recall school ever being called off. In fact, I took my driver's ed in snow and ice in January. Now I'm becoming a chicken. But, that's not the point.

The kids have been home for four days now. Saturday we spent with the new snow, kids playing outside, watching movies, all those wonderful things. Sunday we stayed in (church was called off) until around 1pm until my husband took the boys to the movies with the church youth group. My daughter spent the greater portion of the day at a friend's house two streets over. Monday was off, then today and now tomorrow has been called off. Bummer.

I wish I was a better at home mom. I always longed to be The Waltons, or The Ingalls, heck, I'd settle for being The Brady Bunch! Or at least that's what I thought I wanted. But I find when opportunity presents itself, I'm not. I opt out with tv, or the Wii or Facebook. Today I tried to get tough, and it kind of worked, two of the kids worked on school projects, some cleaning and laundry got done, and then we even managed to play the Wii together tonight. I think the thing that gets to me the most is wishing my kids always liked each other, didn't trade insults, always supported each other verbally, and just generally were perfect. One of the last things I wound up saying tonight was "Treat each other like strangers! You treat strangers better than you do each other!" That's not really true by the way, it just feels that way sometimes.

Snow days - they bring out the best and the worst. I always feel like I should be more productive, get everything done - but it seems to be the opposite. I've become such a creature of routine that having others around when they aren't "supposed" to be throws me off.

Today I told my husband I realized I was acting old. I'm only 49 - too soon for that! So starting tomorrow, I shall try to act my age and not act like I'm 80. The next time it snows (maybe this weekend again) - I will join my children in playing outside. I will get out of the house and not act like a scaredy cat (I will of course use common sense). I will play with my children at the beginning of the snow time and not the end. I will set up reasonable projects to accomplish, but not feel like I've wasted my time for taking time off.

Snow days - a chance to step back and take stock of where you are. Looks like I'll have a chance again soon.

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