Monday, Monday

The sun is out and the kids are back in school! Maybe we can get back to some sense of normalcy here. I have discovered that much like a preschooler, I love routine in my world. I don't mind changing it when I want to, but I like to have it in place!

Today I declared it "W" day. No, not for George Bush, but for Writing and Washing! I am spending the day washing clothes, washing dishes,washing counter tops and writing blogs, writing LinkedIn updates, writing Facebook updates, writing a sample piece for to consider, and now writing a new blog entry.

I wonder why it is that when my husband asks me what I'm going to do today I assume I need to "prove" myself, but when I ask him the same question - I'm merely curious as to where he'll be and when he'll get home? Why don't I give my husband the same latitude? Hmmm . . . something deep there - maybe I'll examine it some other time.

I hope you are all having a great Monday - that it is productive in such a way as to give you contentment when you look back on the day this evening before you fall asleep. Pick a letter of the alphabet and make it yours!

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