Making Lemonade (or Slushies)

Today the kids went back to school, yeah! Yesterday they were out because the secondary roads weren't plowed yet. Today was a two hour delay - but they got to go. That was the good news. The "bad" news? No school tomorrow. The weather report is calling for freezing rain to start after midnight and continue all day. Hmmm . . . my husband and I just got back from date night (Bone Fish Grill, Best Buy, and Books A Million) and the sky is clear, weather is mild - we'll see. My thoughts right now are - it better be awful tomorrow!
The good news is that Fridays I work for my husband in the office behind the house - so I can still get plenty done. Unlike my earlier rant this week - I have direction for tomorrow. All the kids have some school projects they can work on and get ahead with, and I've decided to roll with the punches. Getting out of the house yesterday and today was fantastic for me. Guess I'm not the homebody I thought I was!

The other great encouragement was that I had my monthly writers critique group this morning. I am ALWAYS encouraged when I go. If you are a writer - I encourage you to get involved with a writers group, it really makes all the difference in the world!
So, tomorrow - bring on the freezing rain, I'm ready!

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