Makeup Shouldn't Be This Hard

I went to Target last night for a "quick" shopping trip. My intention was to look for rain/snow boots for my daughter, which of course were not there. The shelf was as empty as the front row at church. But, not to worry, I can always find something to look at when I'm at Target. Being the proud holder of a $10 gift card, I thought I'd venture into trying something new from the makeup aisle. Revlon, Maybelline, Cover Girl, Rimmel, Neutrogena, Physicians Choice, and Loreal were the names I recognized. A host of others that I didn't know have joined the ranks for me to consider also. I felt in the mood to try some new eye shadow. I've used the same little "pot" that I got at Big Lots for about two years. Guess I'm in a rut. Looking over the aisles I went back and forth. Too many choices! What happened to brown, blue, green, and purple? There are multiple shades of every color available. What if I don't want smoky eyes, or eyeliner like Elizabeth Taylor, or I'm too old to come off as the fresh faced teen? And what about the cost? I'd like to try something new, but I don't want to spend $5 to try something and then throw it away (or worse yet - let it clutter up my bathroom!). That's being wasteful with both my money and resources. I wish the retailers would understand that some of us are trying to be as careful with our money as possible. That means giving us some real choices. I know that to some, spending $5 on trial is "cheap" - but not to all of us. So the result of my trip? I came home with no new eye shadow. Maybe next time.

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