I Will Rise

Saturday morning and I'm sitting here with NO coffee (coffee maker died this morning - the light is on but nothing is coming out) and my blurred vision (no contacts in yet).  The sun is shining even though it's only 12 degrees outside.  My husband and boys have left the house to go help move my husband's stepfather into assisted living.  It is a sad day for his Mom.

Yesterday I went to a gathering of my writers group.  It wasn't a critique meeting, just a get together to brainstorm and develop our relationships.  Not everyone could make it, but I discovered that in learning about others I learned more about myself - specifically in regards to writing.  What did I learn?  Well . . .

  1. I stumbled into writing.  It hasn't been a burning in my soul for years.  Reading has always been a passion, though even that not as much as some others I know.
  2. I started out as an inspiration writer - meaning I only wrote when something "hit" me.  I was very blessed to have those moments gets published in the local newspaper, which is what gave me the nerve to join my critique group.
  3. I've become a "perspiration" writer because of my critique group.  Because of the accountability and push, I've started writing a youth novel.
  4. I realized yesterday that writing is fueled somewhat because I have something to prove.  I want to prove that I can do it, that I can rise above my missed opportunities, age, and the box some people have me in (thank you Susan Boyle) and do it.
2010 is a new year.  Full of valley's, mountaintops, and flat places.  There will be rejection and acceptance - not just in writing but in everything.  There will be happiness and sadness. This is called life.  I choose to embrace it all.  I will rise.

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