Monday, Monday

Monday is here, and more than halfway over at this point.  After yesterday's "blahs", I am feeling much better.  I did indeed discover I am not the center of the universe when I went to church yesterday.  It feels good to back in the right spot.

I just finished getting the Christmas tree out of the living room - I have space back!  I'll wait until the weekend to get everything else down - I just wanted the space from the tree back.  It seems the older the kids get (and taller), the smaller my living room becomes.

My kids all went to the dentist this morning and got cleanings, check ups, etc. - all good news.  I didn't grow up going to the dentist (I was 19 the first time I went), and am grateful we are able to provide that for our children.

My daughter finished reading my second book draft.  She had two things to say - too many "big" words and not long enough.  Oh and one suggestion of introducing another character (much like what my critique group said).  So, back to the writing phase again.

I'm looking forward to the new year.  I know part of what it will bring, but not all.  It's gonna be good - even the hard stuff.  I'm working on resolutions/goals.  I know one, not to get sucked into virtual worlds on Facebook - too addicting for me.  I've already cancelled my place in them, hope I can keep from getting back into them in 2010.  Another is to finish my book.  And third - to get into a regular exercise routine instead of the hit and miss I have now.

What are you feeling right now as 2009 comes to a close?  Are you happy with the year, looking forward to 2010?  Tell me.

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